Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Quelques arpents de neige

I broke out the winter coat for the first time this season. I haven't even gotten around to having it cleaned yet so I'm walking around with last winter's mud splattered up the back. Very stylish. But it was -3 C when I got up this morning and I wasn't taking any chances with Mr. Jack Frost, who nips at a lot more than my nose, if you know what I'm sayin'. When you work up on the border of darkest Markham, close to the "Snow Belt", you have to dress for it.

I'm certainly eating for it. When the weather gets like this, I want to eat fattening things. Like chocolate cake. And chips. I was all about chips this weekend. But all I've got in the house are Goldfish crackers (Atomic BBQ flavour) and vanilla yogurt. Such is the pantry of an unmarried, childless woman. I'll have to post photographs of my fridge soon - Maria did. Mine doesn't look that much different, except I tend to store perfume in there. Right now I have a bottle of Shalimar, some L'Air du Temps, and Nantucket Briar cuddling up to the left-over black bean soup and the vanilla yogurt. There was a bottle of L'Heure Bleu in there too but I use it every day so I've moved it out.

And you thought librarians were stodgy!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Hanging out with the horsey set

I wore my camera battery out in the Horse Palace at the Royal Winter Fair yesterday. But I think it was worth it.

True Christmas Confessions

The Boston Pops arrangement of Sleigh Ride is, like, one of at my absolute favourite Christmas songs. That cracking whip? Classic. And the trumpet/horse at the end - could that be any more perfect?

I have never tasted a figgy pudding, nor any kind of nog, egg or otherwise. And I'm not about to start.

When I was little, about four or five years old, I could sing Jingle Bells, in both official languages (in French, it's Vive le Vent). But in the English version, I didn't get the line, "Bells on Bobtail ring." I heard and therefore sang, "Bells on Cocktail ring". I didn't know from bobtails, but cocktails? No problem! Give me another Shirley Temple and make it a double this time.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Note to self

Remember to blink. Seriously. And look away from the damn monitor sometimes. My eyes are so tired. Everything's kind of fuzzy. Yeah, so I'll just do some more work on the computer and make it worse. Brilliant. Thankfully my office looks out onto a garden, so I actually have something to look at when I tear my eyes away from the monitor. At the moment there's not much to look at as the trees are not in bud and the flowers haven't come up yet, but I did see a squirrel in there once and I can always amuse myself by counting the smokers. When I remember to look away.