Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Shoulder, shoulder, shoulder

I have recently taken over the role of player/manager for work’s 11-a-side footy team and my second match in charge went well last night. My reign has even brought about the return of the groupies, admittedly they were nothing to do with me and they spent most of the time on the phone, but I’m the boss so I take credit.

Although I enjoy it (ohhh the power, the chicks etc), I’m not too keen on the managing side because it diverts my attentions away from the game as I think about who to sub next, the benefits of the diamond formation, where I should hang my graduation photo in the flat etc, etc. A typical example of this was when a high ball was coming in and I volleyed it away – which meant that all my weight was on one leg and because I wasn’t paying attention to where the opposition were, I didn’t have my weight balanced on the same side that the opposition player would run into me from.

Result: He ran in taking the leg with all my weight on clean from under me. I landed with all my weight on my right shoulder - The impact broke the skin on the top of my shoulder blade. Needless to say, it FUCKING HURTS today so I want loads of sympathy, thankfully I have Tilesey Clan bones tho. Out of my 7 cousins, only 1 has ever broken a bone and we all reckon he has his mum’s (non clan) bones. Plus he’s the only accident-prone cousin, the rest of us tend to cause more accidents than we get into. I was pleasantly surprised although slightly confused to find that I had full rotational movement in the shoulder when I stood up, although slightly gutted because it meant I would have to come into work today.

Now where’s my nurofen….?

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